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At Tightly Wrapt, owners/designers Ed and Shannon Thoms offer an ever growing selection of affordable, beautifully hand crafted, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces durable enough for every day wear, yet elegant enough for any special occasion.

Shannon founded Tightly Wrapt in 2012, after teaching herself the art of wire wrapping, and has been passionately wire wrapping natural stone cabochons in sterling silver, copper and brass wire ever since. Each stone seems to have a quiet voice Shannon hears that tells her which type of wire to use, how the finished wire wrap design should look, whether she should leave it as a pendant or create a necklace and how to describe it when at last she puts its listing on their website.

One day in early 2016, Ed woke up with a unique idea: making rings using paper and glue. It took several months for him to develop the meticulous proprietary process by which he combines those two things to hone light weight rings of virtually any color (or combination of colors) that resemble wood, are hard as stone and can even hold up to water! Inspired by Shannon’s artistry, Ed began designing cabochons using the same paper and glue process for her to wire wrap. The two designers coined the term “Thomsite”, derived from their last name, for Ed’s product line.

Today Tightly Wrapt is a joint venture where simple elements come together with a little Thoms magic to create jewelry for everyone – even the most discerning customer.